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About company

Kiev enterprise "Adioz" was founded in 1991 and specializes in the development and production of original chemical products - ANAMEGATORs allows to obtain modification of hydrocarbon fuels and oils for their superior quality lubricants known companies in the world, improving their environmental properties.



We are engaged in the development and improvement of the "energy-saving technologies", rightly called "technologies of the XXI century."

Introducing to the market its latest development - ANAMEGATORs hydrocarbon fuels (LPG, gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, natural gas and coal). "ANAMEGATORs' - a generic name of a class of substances, added to the fuel in a small amount (less than 0.01% by weight), and an integrated combustion improvers. ANAMEGATORs influence on the combustion process is reduced to reduce the entropy increment due to the involvement of long-range electromagnetic forces, which ultimately increases the yield of useful work and, as a consequence, leads to a reduction in specific fuel consumption and toxicity of the combustion products.

Scientists and engineers who created ANAMEGATORs, managed to get a high-quality fuel and oil without changing their molecular structure. By using optimized fuel ANAMEGATORs completeness and timeliness of combustion; reduced content in flue gases of CO, NOx, CxHy, etc. harmful to human connections ;. Application ANAMEGATORs oils helps to build and precise fit of the friction surfaces; reduces thermal, mechanical and chemical stress on the oil; eliminates dry friction, pitting, "hydrogen fatigue" metal, reducing the rate of wear of the friction pairs; It provides lakonagarootlozheny laundering and the subsequent reduction of their education.

These substances were unique, which is confirmed by international patents, "know-how" on ANAMEGATORs fuel "ADIZOL" and oil "Ozerol."

Today, our company produces the following items:
• ANAMEGATORs oils: "Super Golden Ozerol MP-8", "Diamantovy Ozerol MP-10."

The indisputable fact of the quality of products is that ANAMEGATORs passed picky multiple tests not only the company's products, but also in many scientific and industrial organizations, including all the railways of Ukraine, processing plants, a lot of fleets, shipping companies in Ukraine, Russia and other States.

Product form Anaklarid - is used to improve the combustion of solid fuels (coal, oil shale, etc.) and natural gas. Conducted field tests Anaklaridov for enhanced oil recovery.

We offer professional cooperation in the field of energy saving technologies.

История компании


The company's products Adioz thoroughly tested for its safety, both for people and for the boiler equipment. That conclusion is confirmed by the State Sanitary-and-epidemiologic service of Ukraine, as well as the conclusions after detailed tests carried out by specialists of OAO "Biysk Boiler Factory".

The effectiveness of the use of fuels ANAMEGATORs confirmed by multiple tests with the internal combustion engine anamegirovanymi fuel and oil. The spectrum of application anamegirovanyh fuels and oils is quite wide, from automotive engines to marine and locomotive diesel engines.
Tests for determining efficient to use anaklarida carried out by experts of NPI "CKTI."


According to the State Statistics of Ukraine, "SPE" Adioz "became the leader of the National rating of the quality of goods and services among domestic producers that operate under 24.15.0 CTEA
OOO "NPP" Adioz "is defined by the state as" Industry Leader 2010 "
OOO "NPP" Adioz "is defined by the state as" Industry Leader 2015 "
Contact Information

Buy products and obtain advice anyone can in the office of the enterprise "ADIOZ"

Address: Str. Revutskiy, 31, Kiev, 02068, Ukraine.

Phone: +380 44 563-41-99, +380 44 563-99-13, +380 67 440-56-10.

E-mail: [email protected]

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