Understanding ANAMEGATORs


ANAMEGATORs - liquid substances designed to handle fuels and oils of internal combustion engines (gasoline, petrol, kerosene, diesel, bunker oils, motor oils and transmission). After dropping anamegatsii fuel: fuel consumption, temperature, and emissions. Anamegirovannoe oil reduces the friction of rubbing pairs, wear, and raises levels of compression cylinders.


Principle of operation
Water H2O
Processed urea
(hydrogen-rich and oxygen)
(NH2) 2CO
Road and rail transport

Since 1991 ANAMEGATORs fuel oils are used in all types of internal combustion engines. ANAMEGATORs well proven in two-stroke and four, uprated engines and turbocharged.

After numerous tests and studies found that ANAMEGATORs save fuel from 8 to 15%, several times reduced consumption of engine oil, reduces friction and wear of the friction surfaces, increasing turnaround, improve the environment, reducing toxicity and smoke exhaust.

Exterior parts after use ANAMEGATORs: cylinder head, piston, nozzle:

Since 1996, it began the process of testing and introduction of diesel fuel ANAMEGATORs "ADIZOL T-6" on predriyatiy Ukrainian railways.

During the 8 years of operation on all the railways of Ukraine standards in fuel consumption has been reduced by 8-9%, the available evidence suggests additional savings of diesel fuel at least 3%.

Under constant supervision is consideration of the effect "ADIZOL T-6" on the technical condition of parts, assemblies and engines in general. As confirmed by years of operation, "ADIZOL T-6" has a positive impact on the fuel equipment, elements of the combustion chamber and engine exhaust, keeping the surface in perfect working condition, significantly extending the life of injectors, plunger, timing, turbines, etc. .

In the course of a comprehensive study of the impact of ANAMEGATORs
"ADIZOL-T-6" was established: reducing its daily oil consumption, reduction of turnover on the basic parameters of rejection and a significant increase in the total working life. This made it possible to save more than fuel and 12-18% of motor oil.

During the flue gas emission control, in the early stages it was established a relative reduction in the amount of carbon monoxide (CO) by 21%. Then efficiency increased several times. Quantity of soot in the exhaust was lower by 1.5-4 times, also depending on the condition of the engine, which is particularly important for environmental conservation.

engine oil
reduction of oxides
carbon in the exhaust
Shipping: river and sea vessels

Application ANAMEGATORs fuels and oils in the river and sea vessels - a direction that can significantly reduce operating and energy costs in the industry to reduce the amount of harmful emissions. Practical use ANAMEGATORs showed high consumer product quality, ease of use and safety:

  • Specific fuel consumption has decreased by 10-12%
  • In all ships, oil consumption decreased by 2 times
  • The increase in maintenance periods and engine life
  • The increase in the rate of turnover of the vessel (to obtain additional days running) by 10-15%

The Company carried out the tests and the introduction of the ships Ukrrechflot (Ukraine), the shipping company "Proteus" (Russia, Khabarovsk) and the unification of the Lena River Shipping Company (Russia). The test results and the subsequent introduction confirmed that the use ANAMEGATORs fuel economy was 10-12% compared to the usual one.

In all ships, a two-fold reduction in oil consumption, with an increase in service life of the engine. For example, in "Prometheus" - by agreement with the maritime registry - schedule repair of diesel engines after applying ANAMEGATORs were increased 2-fold. In addition, an increase rate of turnover of the vessel (to increase the average speed on the route) by 10-15%.

The window for exhaust
before applying ADIZOL T-6
 The window for exhaust
after applying ADIZOL T-6

The low unit cost and high efficiency ANAMEGATORs make use of the T-6 ANAMEGATORs cost-effective and very promising, from both an economic and an environmental point of view.

Today ANAMEGATORs successfully used on cargo and passenger ships, providing strong economic performance. Moreover, given the process of constant increase in fuel prices, and accordingly improve the appropriateness of ANAMEGATORs, the number of regular users is steadily increasing with each passing day.

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