Adolf Ozeryanskiy
Father dedicated!
Every person at least once in your life, God gives the chance. "ADIOZ", without claiming something supernatural, trying everyone who shows even the slightest interest in his products, to give three chances. Learn to recognize use for their direct benefit that nature has given us.
Lots of great people, their developments, inventions, discoveries, in the end, give, give, and certainly the future to give relief in the struggle for survival, which is our life, what a rare exception - thorny and arduous. A real recognition comes after that, when the genius left this mortal world.
You can learn about a new, not miss it, to forget what he saw and heard. I just do not want to reckon with him. But, if it is given and sufferings for the good of the people, sooner or later it will find its new path in life. Let severe, albeit difficult, but certainly passing in a way.
We have learned to be aware that there is a moral and physical deterioration. A computer, for example, released a year ago and was considered a miracle of technology today, at best, to cope with simple toys. The car, ran a couple of hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, just annoying owner "in the money", becoming a non-prestigious. Although the other - it's still the height of perfection.
While we can only dream of, though, I think, not long from now, an anti-gravity flights, power cold fusion, and even just "out of a vacuum."
However, to say of almost "eternal" engine that is in your car, we can already. Right now!
If you know that giving people ANAMEGATORs, you can be sure that a century (100 years), the same engine can work, and therefore should be ..

"NPP" Adioz "won first place in the National Business Rating of Ukraine in 2015!

National Business Rating 2015

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